Not enough people like you enough

by genspecial

What me Worry?

We sometimes overlook how society itself is pushing us towards an all or nothing mentality.  It’s bad enough that as special people, we think that we have to be the best, must finish first, cannot fail, and that if we do fail, it means that we might always go on failing.  What’s worse is that sometimes the world itself seems to echo these same thoughts!

Imagine you’re Mitt Romney.  You did all of your homework, for four years, preparing for this race, correcting your mistakes, gathering allies, building your coffers.  You developed the best defense for attacks on your healthcare plan (What’s good for Massachusetts is NOT what’s good for the country) and for your nearly obscene wealth (I’m not going to apologize for being successful!).  You got a better debate coach than last time and you’ve come out swinging–even rising to the occasion on a crucial debate before the Michigan primary.  When all the momentum seemed to be filling the sweater vest of pesky Rick Santorum, you pulled a coup de theatre by lumping him with moderate Senator Arlen Specter (the horror!) who helped make Obamacare possible.  You turned the tables and won your home state.

You have five perfect kids who all have good hair like you and the right number of kids (5 sons who have 16 kids, or 3.2 each).  You don’t cheat on your wife to our knowledge.  Sure you’ve made some gaffes, like insulting NASCAR attendees, betting more than a nickel on TV, and musing out loud about your wife’s several Cadillacs.  But doesn’t a knight speak of jousting?  A cobbler of shoes?  Why shouldn’t Mitt talk about what he knows?

On the eve of Super Tuesday, you have 187 delegates, almost triple that of Santorum.  You’re predicted to win Super Tuesday, including the bell weather state of Ohio.  But here’s the kicker: even if you win Ohio, and even if you win Virginia, Massachusetts, Idaho, North Dakota, Alaska and Vermont, as  538 is predicting as a baseline scenario, you STILL will leave doubts.  You were vulnerable in Tennessee, Georgia and Oklahoma.

What does a guy have to do?  Why do we expect such perfection?

The truth is running in a Republican primary like this one is a Special person’s nightmare.  You want to tell yourself you’re good enough, and you’re smart enough… but dog gonnit, people still don’t seem to like you.  Or at least not enough people like you enough.  It’s never, ever enough!  I’m worried about Mitt and how he’s holding up through this thing.  And even once he eeks through this process, unless the economy turns downward in a big way–ie. the Republican-majority Congress succeeds in its goal–he’s still not going to beat Obama.  For someone who’s had so many blessings in life, this will be very difficult to handle.  I hope some kind person in his life might lead him to this blog.  Mitt, if you’re reading this, I want you to say the following:

“I’m not Special.  Making billions of dollars in the private equity business, governing a liberal state, working on the Olympics, having a beautiful above-average family and getting great hair DID NOT make me Special, just as losing this election didn’t make me a failure.  I’m not Special.  I’m Mitt Romney.  And I’m not running for president.  But that’s OK.  I can do other things.  Like read and mow the lawn.  Yes, that will be nice.”