Our Top Ten List Live Today on FrontPsych.com

by genspecial


Ouch, what a year!

FOOS, we went live today on Frontier Psychiatrist.  Click over there to check out, or you can wait until the weekend for us to publish in full here.  For now, here’s number 10.  Imagine, there are 9 moments less Special than this one for the Gubernator!

10.  Arnold SzwarzzenegerI may not be back.
May 2011

One minute you’re a box office star/governor of the most populous state in the country, the next you’re tossed-out of office as a budget-busting politician, and your home for a Clintonesque affair with the live-in maid.  This reversal of fortune would have been enough by itself to land him a spot on the NTS top ten.  But there’s more.  2011 was also the year this video began to go viral.  It’s a brilliantly compiled montage of Arnold’s comments for the “Total Recall” DVD special features segment.  You’ll notice that rather than add any actual insight to anything we’re seeing, the Gubernator, like Beavis, decides to just narrate exactly what’s happening on the screen.