Michael J. Rocks “Johnny B. Good,” 26 years later

by genspecial

Michael J. Fox rocking

Fox Rocks

FOOS, a quick post today of something that, there’s really no getting around it, was special.

One of our heroes, we know, is Michael J. Fox, who took us on a great journey of our youth, a trip “Back to the Future” where he almost destroyed the space time continuum but instead made his parents cooler, beat up the bully, and of course, rocked out to Johnny B. Good at the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance when Marvin Berry’s hand gets injured.  Woh, this is heavy!

In this link, Michael J., twenty-six years later, rocks out at his annual charity benefit to that same song (it turns out in the movie he was only faking!), obliterating Parkinson’s for at least a few moments as he does so.  Now I know what you’re saying, Marty McFly was one of the most Special characters we ever knew and is likely a contributing factor to our condition of Specialness.  But when you think about it–he never really set out to be special.  He just wanted to take his girlfriend, Jennifer, to the lake and help out his friend, Doc by doing some filming at Twin Pine Mall.  In a way, maybe Marty set his expectations low, accepted his unspecial condition, and, content with his own mediocrity, didn’t expect too much when greatness called?  Maybe he’s a model of low expectations.

And also, how cool is that clip!

Michael J. Rocks “Johnny B. Good”