The Marriage Question

by genspecial

Dora the Explorer

Wait for it...

Our hearts at NS go out to the Kardashians this week, and particularly Kim.  What kind of expectations do we think Kim placed on her marriage?  If we people of dwindling Specialness still look to marriage as a beacon of hope, that thing towards which we must strive, the thing our parents did so well, that perfect ending  chosen by Shakespeare and Apatow alike, that newest of civil rights movements and gateway to the American Dream (one caveat: you MUST choose the right partner), if marriage means so much to all of us no-longer-Special ones, imagine what it meant to Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, two poor souls who still earnestly believe they are Special, and thus get to throw a $20 million wedding, make an even $18 million off it–have their cake donated and eat it too.

Again, expectations are hard enough for a City Hall wedding where you tell your family the night before.  What if you are supposed to be the fairy tale everyone dreams of for their own weddings, particularly Anglo-envious Americans suffering from Royal Family inferiority complex?

So let the cynicism, the outrage, and of course the jokes begin.  Our favorite was a post on #thingslongerthankimsmarriage, picked up by the good people at the N.Y. Post.  Things lasting longer than Kim’s marriage:  “”Dora the Explorer’s pause, when she is waiting for you to answer her question.”  Ouch.  Let Kim’s Vera Wang gown be dragged through the mud thrice around Montecito like a modern day Hektor.  We all know the true reason Kim and Kris could not make it last.  It’s just really hard to accept the fact that the rest of marriage may not be as Special as the wedding, which is both the greatness and the difficulty of the whole thing.

Or it could be that they wanted a cool 18 mil to satisfy their insatiable lust for things.  I could see it going either way.