Boomers Plead Forgiveness for Raising Children with Love

by genspecial

photo of Timothy Egan

Wants forgiveness for creating household of nurturing love and kindness

Today a friend sent me Timothy Egan’s opinion piece in which he laments the way he and other parents may have built up their children’s expectations and given them a little too much reassurance.  Call it the ‘Go Get Em Tiger’ Mom parenting style.  It’s a must read.  And yes, though we may want to punish this Parental Perpetrator of Specialness upon his children, we also must remember that from the darkest night can sometimes shine the brightest light.  Wasn’t it a former slave owner who wrote “Amazing Grace?”  Didn’t it take Nixon to go to China?

Until next post, may we stay committed in solidarity to overcoming the wonderful and loving childhoods we had.  Hi mom.