When do you stop thinking about becoming President?

by genspecial

Obama in front of flag

Ultimate Special Person

This is a great trailer that’s making the circuit, for an upcoming documentary called “Miss Representation” on the effects of the media on women’s self-image.  Looks fascinating, and there’s also some cool Hanz Zimmer-like music at the beginning that makes you feel like you’re in the pre-credits of a Jerry Bruckheimer film, and something big is going down in Washington, or Vikings are going to attack.

But what really struck me was the trailer’s mention of kids and their desire to be President.  Caroline Heldman, PhD tells us that at seven or eight, an equal number of boys and girls say they want to become President.  Then, at 15, those wildly diverge, with many more boys saying they want to be President.  My question is, what if one is in his mid-30’s and still imagines becoming President, because, say, that person thinks of himself as Special.  Until what age is it acceptable to still think about being President, like your fourth grade teacher said you might be, even though your life hasn’t really been pointing that way.

I guess when you think of it, though, one can only actually become president at 35, so maybe the mid-thirties might be as good a place as any to really start thinking about it.  This person I know was just musing about this in the car, and his girlfriend’s sister said, “You should totally run for local office, or something.  I know this guy who…”  At that point, this person stopped listening, because Special people don’t like to do all those little steps, like running locally.  We imagine leaping into the Presidency, fully formed, like Athena from Zeus’ cracked head!  Ladies and Gentleman…president of the United States of America! (sound of crowd noise made by an open-mouthed glottal exhale–CHaaaaaah).

Question:  Is the country ready for these qualifications:

Private School and College.
English Major
Barnes and Noble bookseller (Employee of the Month, March 1999)
Capitol Hill (that’s something!)
NYU Tisch M.F.A. Graduate Degree in Musical Theatre Writing (sound of dying horn)
Failed Stint at Talent Agency
Teaching Private School
Writing Musicals

Hmmm.  Tune in for next entry:  Starting a Pizza franchise.